Welcome to Jaz,

A Professional Legal Corporation

We Are A lAw firm

thAt speciAlizes in mAking the

impossible possible.

Our goAl is simple.

We tAke A bAd song

And mAke it better.

We believe

thAt every Absurdity

hAs A chAmpion thAt cAn solve it.

And we don’t stop

‘til the other side hAs hAd enough

Our Story

Like every other great innovation, Jaz was borne out of a belief and a vision that there exists a better way to do something. In this case, Peter Jazayeri, the founder of Jaz, knew there was a better way to provide legal services and squeeze the blood out of life each day.

Peter spent nearly fifteen years toiling in the world’s largest corporate law firms, learning and lurking with a curious mind. Like Bruce Lee studying martial arts at the Shao Lin Temple, those fifteen years provided Peter with countless hours of advanced, high-stakes mental and physical training. In 2013, Peter realized his brand of legal kung-fu was tested and ready. Leaving Han’s Island, he took his salt, coal, and smarts and launched Jaz, A Professional Legal Corporation.

But the story of Jaz is a greater tale than just another bird soaring from its corporate shawshank. Like its musical namesake, Jaz is about improvisation, freedom, truth, courage, discipline and inspiration. There may be clubs you can’t belong to, neighborhoods you can’t live in, and schools you can’t get into, but the story of Jaz is proof that the roads are always open and that there are no limits.


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